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There are a few areas of London that have a high number of ex-pat Aussies. This is the same thing as a Tax File Number in Australia. London is a fabulous city in which to live, work or study.

How to transfer money from Australia

Moving to London from Australia - Australians Moving to London

There is also free Wi-Fi at underground and overground stations in the capital.

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How to transfer money from Australia Banks are not the only option for Foreign exchange and international transfers. However, many hostel owners will be happy for you to use their address if you ask politely.

Just be sure that you only tap the card you wish to use on the card reader to prevent using different cards for the same journey. The Redback Tavern the Reddy fancies itself as being the best Australasian live music scene in London.

The Carphone Warehouse shows plans and pay-as-you-go deals from all providers, and is a good place to compare different deals on offer. This map is a good guide as to the many places you can take advantage of this. Most pubs, cafes, hotels and restaurants offer it. It works with credit, debit, charge or prepaid cards as long as they are contactless.

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The most economical way to use public transport is using an Oyster Card. Nowadays though, it is Clapham in South London where the largest population of Aussie expats is to be found.

London, as with every capital city, is an expensive place to live. You may even be to be able to do this before leaving home. If price is a feature in your search for accommodation, then try to find an area where prices are lower than in other areas of town. Of course, moving half way around the world is a huge step, but a very exciting one.