Validating identity wifi range, eduroam configuration settings

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If successful, the certificate will be visible under the Wi-Fi section in user certificates. You should now be able to browse the internet under a secure connection. Instead, people will be able to verify their identity entirely digitally.

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Validating Identity Wifi Range, Your Answer

Finding an unsecured or interfering WiFi

If you're interested in the different documents and methods certified companies can use to verify you, you can read more in this post. Go to the app tab and choose your device type. After this, the Company Portal will begin to evaluate the Wi-Fi profile settings and try and match a certificate to use.

You can do this task manually or you can have the software re-calculate an access point location, and the results can be exported to a Word or Google Earth compatible file. Also, you need to identify the places where the wireless coverage is not needed and also where you need to avoid the wireless coverage. Finding an unsecured or interfering Wi-Fi network.