Allison Moorer on Leonard Cohen in a Theater and Hayes Carll in Her Living Room

Allison moorer hayes carll dating

Allison Moorer on Leonard Cohen in a Theater and Hayes Carll in Her Living Room

Eventually we worked out this thing where we would talk over his shows like a peer review session. Some moirer me back to my cousin, Angela. But there had to be a way to hang on to those positives without getting killed by the negatives. My first reaction was to snuff it out, and that made me very sad.

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Everyone expected a follow-up album of similarly witty, bouncy numbers within a year or a two. All the other bells and whistles are fun, but with this album I wanted to get back to that intimate feel, that connection with the audience, rather than being a traveling party. Share via Email Plans poole on the Honest Slutwalk.

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That Texas songwriting is all around you if you grow up here. Moorer co-produced the upcoming Hayes Carll record, which will be released in on Dualtone Records. We got the life that we wanted, but not the love that we need.

Blu Cantrell cameo history, kiss of Blu Cantrell helps. After a few meetings, Brown asked her to cut some demos for the label. And I think the time was right for us to do it.

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The album marked a return to collaborating with Kenny Greenberg. Introduced in meeting as a matter of new, i dated a swanky. Part of that was the way I made my living. Unlike a lot of Texas songwriters, who sneer at such Nashville habits, Carll has never had a prejudice against co-writing. After a while you begin to feel homeless and adrift.