Alexa vega dating sean covel

Alexa vega dating sean covel

In this movie, Lacey feels lonely with no real male figure in her life, because her father would not spend time with her. Vega also voiced Christina in the animated series Unsupervised and had a guest role on Royal Pains. She began dating Carlos Pena perhaps as early as after her separation from Sean Covel. Either she simply kept all that to herself, or her approach to the situation was mature beyond her age. Carlos gets cozy with Alexa By September she was engaged to Carlos and in January the two wed.

Then the following year she starred in the Lifetime television film entitled Odd Girl Out as a victim of cyber-bullying. The divorce was finalized within six months of the filing and Alexa and Sean simply went separate ways. Neither did he have anything to say about her. Alexa calls him the best thing that ever happened to her and the two seem over the moon happy. No mention of pain or sadness or any of the usual depressing emotions that accompany a divorce.

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Her husband Carlos PenaVega was also

Her husband, Carlos PenaVega was also announced as one of the contestants who will compete against her on the show. The marriage was almost shorter than the engagement. She was replaced by Kat Dennings. Sleepover and State's Evidence.

At no point did Alexa truly speak about how she felt about the divorce. Carlos has certainly a lot more in common with her than he ex-husband did, which may well contribute to a successful and lasting relationship.

The marriage was almost

Alexa for her part moved on quickly. She has said that her faith is the most important thing in her life.

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According to Alexa the pair simply evolved out of a marriage and into a friendship. The fact that the divorce was not a prolonged fight that dragged out in court probably helped. They can do all their growing up together and are facing the same trials and tribulations in the industry they are both a part of. Clearly they both knew how to deal with the situation.

She has said that her faith