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The functions of the chief of state were vested in the National Council of Government. The war brought devastation to Uruguay. Text follows in the same line, separated by a period and a hyphen.

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The state finances almost all theoretical research and most of the applied research in the key sectors of the national economy. All references cited in the text must be listed in the Literature Cited section. The exacerbation of the domestic political crisis led to the removal of Bordaberry in June by the military, which then assumed all power.

The principal livestock are cattle and sheep. The years and were marked by numerous strikes and by opposition to the reactionary policies of the ruling classes. The year in which the domain was generated, if available.

Titles of columns in tables must be written in upper- and lower-case characters. Enjoy as much storage space as you need. Dairy farming, beekeeping, and fishing are poorly developed. Battle i protsess istoricheskogo razvitiia Urugvaia.

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If two or more works by the same author or group of authors who have been published in the same year, are cited references will be complemented by the year letters a, b, c, d to distinguish them. During the period of the independence struggle, poetry was dominated by patriotic themes.

Instructions for authors

It, too, has a number of factions. Thesis, Western Carolina University.

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Access desk-free productivity wherever you have internet connectivity. These must be as short as possible, indicating granting agency and project number if applicable. Articles in scientific periodicals. However, because of the resistance of the Indians and the absence of mineral resources, the region was only nominally included within the Spanish possessions. Greek letters and symbols.

This section must include assertions about the tested hypotheses and the general conclusions emerging from their findings. Viticulture has developed in the south, while citrus fruits are grown in the north. Uruguay is an economically backward, agrarian-industrial country, specializing in the production of livestock products for export. Author Contributions must be included.

Despite the persecutions, the process of consolidating all antifascist forces in Uruguay is continuing to expand underground. In the case that two or more taxa are described, the descriptions follow the same order. Docks were built, along with several foundries, meat-packing plants, and other enterprises. Large-scale landownership prevails in Uruguay. Arismendi, avi dating was arrested he was released in January as a result of an international solidarity movement.

Along with the writers of subjective-lyrical and religious poetry, such as F. Dissatisfaction grew among the masses.

The type citation must be written in a separate paragraph below the Latin diagnosis. In the region was incorporated into Brazil as the Cisplatine Province. Papers should include clearly identified questions and hypotheses. The national bourgeoisie emerged victorious.

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The third dimension must be strictly avoided in graphs, unless absolutely necessary. The manufacturing industry is represented primarily by small-scale enterprises. Botanical Sciences is open to publish special issues or sections through a previous agreement with the Editor-in-Chief. The principal seaport is Montevideo, handling nine-tenths of all foreign trade.

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It has a number of factions and groups and has been undergoing a profound crisis. Turn pro with guided courses, events, and forum conversations with customers in our global community. Other early works include the poetry of the classicists J. They must be written in upper- and lower-case letters, in bold typeface. The theoretical and conceptual context of the investigation must be described briefly, together with the importance of the problem, its pertinence or the necessity and rationale of the investigation.